SU2022 bug with inferenceing

Dec21_7-00am to 12-45pm
bug report:
inferencing error seen in SU2022. No bugsplat.

SU does not find snap points and does not snap to axis when pointing with the mouse. When axis constraint is forced with arrow keys, the identity colour of the chosen axis (in the example green) is displayed as normal, but SU does not restrain the direction.

Restarting SU fixes it. however this is the third time this week I have seen this behaviour.

I also got the message “CFileException 0” a few time this week… is this related?

Have not seen this. Can you include an example file that does this?

In your gif it looks like the plane you are trying to move is a component that has been set to glue to surface, so It cannot move from the plane it is on no matter how you lock the inference. Right click the plane and select unglue.

When creating a new component, check that the glue to option in the dialogue box is set to: none


is the face glued to the house?

no. its a simple rectangle in a group

Can you upload a file that does this.

trfefgthyj-0.skp (193.9 KB)
this is the file, containing super simple test geometry only.

Edit: upon reopening SU, the file behaves normally. weird. Maybe not worth investigating then?

Hmmmm… weird. This file behaves normally for me of course. I have not seen the kind of bug you are describing.

thanks for your interest and effort anyway! Happy Friday

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