Axis inferencing quits working after Sketchup has been open for a while

I created this same thread in years past, and this is still a bug in v23.1.

After Sketchup has been open for a while (length of time varies), it stops recognizing axes when moving objects. For example, using the move tool, I won’t get any inferenced axes when moving an object. This becomes true for the entire scene, not just specific objects. I can use the arrow keys to snap to an axis, but it won’t find any on it’s own, which obviously becomes quite annoying.

Restarting Sketchup fixes the issue temporarily.

Same issue here. It is quite annoying isn’t it.

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same issue here.

One way to get SketchUp’s attention focussed on the axes again is to hover over the origin with the selected tool for a short while till you see “Origin” popping up as inference.

If the origin is blocked by geometry it will still be visible in Face Style’s X-Ray mode.

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You can also use the axis lock keys (arrow keys) to constrain movement.

I think this was about finding the axes (without arrow keys involved).

Arrow keys will always work from where you are in space (-> parallel to one of the axes). Unlike inferencing (-> finding) one of the axes themselves from where you are in space.

I get this from time to time, I’ve never been able to put my finger on what exactly causes it

A loss of memory question? Like switching from focussing on different endpoints etc.

The core inferencing usually functions as normal, but if you try to snap a line you are drawing to the blue axis for example, it does not find it ever.

If this is happening, tapping the up arrow key to lock it changes the colour of the line to blue , however no snapping happens so you have a totally free unlocked cursor all floating around.

If I lock to blue [Arrow Up] it locks to blue and inference/snaps to whatever I point to (‘Constrained on Line from Point’ or ‘Constrained on Line Intersect Plane’).
But that’s vertical. To grab inferencing the axes you’ll need to hover over the origin. Something quite different though.

In a normal situation as soon as you tap up , the line you are mid through drawing would become vertical and turn blue - essentially only the length changes (depending on what you are inferencing)

When the bug kicks in, It never goes vertical - it’s as if axis snapping is gone. The line you are drawing turns would turn blue as you are allegedly locked (as is normal) but it never snaps to it, as if you’ve never pressed it.

I’ve had that happen at random maybe 10 times in the last couple of years, I have to quite and restart to bring it back.

When I come to think of it, it may have happened to me too in the passed. With blue.

yeah, in my mind it is always blue.

This may not even be the same thing being described by the poster -but it made me think of it again

Yeah, I think you’re describing a slightly different—but probably related—bug.

The issue I am having happens with all axes, and using the arrow keys to snap to any axis works normally.