Axis inferencing quits working after Sketchup 2020 has been open for a while

This might sound stupid because restarting SketchUp seems to fix it, but it’s still annoying, and I feel it’s definitely a bug.

Sometimes my axis inferencing basically quits working, and I think it may be related to having a project open for a long time (not restarting SketchUp). I can still use arrow keys to lock axes, but SketchUp won’t find any axis when using the Move tool unless I lock it with an arrow key. This is not isolated to any file, and it has happened many, many times to me. It resolves to normal function when I restart SketchUp.

I’m just curious, is anyone else experiencing this? When it happens again, I’ll post a comparison gif.

Did this just start happening recently?

I think it has been six months, or possibly more, that I’ve been noticing it. Which means I’ve probably updated video drivers a couple times during that time. Is a SketchUp reinstall known to fix issues like this?

It might be a graphics driver issue.

I don’t know if it will fix it but it couldn’t hurt. Download the last version of 2020 at Download All | SketchUp and install that. Make sure you right click on the downloaded installer, choose Run as administrator followed by the Repair option if it is presented.

I had to uninstall and reinstall since the Repair option was throwing an error (the invalid msi file error that others have had). Only time will tell if the issue is resolved.

Thanks for the help so far, DaveR!

Good luck!

It’s also happening to me a lot. Restarting sketchup fixes it.

When in the model the axis work, you can move groups along other lines in the model and it picks their axis but you can’t move the object from any of it’s edges and find an axis. The projects use simple default world axis, the groups are made about the same axis so their aren’t any conflicting axis positioning and everything works after opening the file again.

I also notice it when the files have been open for a while, but think it’s happened quite soon after opening the model before.

I ran into this again, so I thought I’d post a gif. There’s no reason (in my mind) I shouldn’t be able to get a red axis snap on this, but no go. The arrow keys still work to lock it, which you can see me turn on in the gif, but no snap.

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The same happen to me, and this is since 2020 update.

I didn’t knew the restarting solves temporally the problem so thats an advantage now.


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