Lose ability to move along axis

I’ve been having a problem in all versions of Sketchup for several years . . . Sketchup Pro 2017-2021 where I lose the ability to move lines, objects, or components or set guidelines along any axis. I have a computer with 64 Gb of memory, a RTX 2070 Max-Q graphics card on a Razyr 15" laptop, but it doesn’t matter what computer I’m using (my smaller PC laptop, my macs, or even our crazy fancy graphics machine in the office . . . its maddening!!! I need help. Restarting the model usually helps, but what a waste of time.


This feels like it goes in one of two directions. 1) is that it’s baked into to a common template that’s in use across all of the computers, and… 2) uh,… well,… would be User Error. But we probably don’t want to go there—at least not straight out of the gate. So lets choose option 1.

You have too much protective cover (in the many various computers) to pin this onto a specific combination of hardware and device drivers, conspiring together in order to reveal a little know SketchUp software bug.

The only thing that seems to hold a little water to me, is if somehow the Axes Position are thrown off by just a little bit. Possibly working in conflict with the results of Importing a region of terrain via the geo–location feature. And maybe, just maybe… those results are saved and forgotten about in a common SketchUp Template.

Near, and slight mis-alignment issues… between any two surface planes closely aligned, can certainly get the better of you if you are assuming that they are actually the same. In this situation, where SketchUp has to decide where to track it inference direction… I might see (/describe) that as an example of it losing it’s ability to follow a single axis… under the grounds that it’s can’t decide upon which one to use.

I think I would probably troubleshoot this by right clicking on any axis direction line and seeing if the option to reset it is available. I don’t think you have an option to reset if it’s never been moved. BUT if it has been moved, and you didn’t know, or remember about it… then that’s worth looking into.

I’m also not sure if you work with custom templates, or always kick off with the same workspace… but if so, you might try one of the other options… and see if the issue still exists.

Otherwise, I’m not sure… maybe grab a drink, sit back, and lets talk about sketchUp’s tool handling techniques.

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Can you share a file where this happens?