Lost my axis


My axis has gone missing-how can I get it back? Thanks!


In SketchUp: Window>Preferences>OpenGL. Untick Use Fast Feedback.


Or hit shift z for zoom extents.
Its not clear what you mean by losing your axis.


Neither worked-I need my x, y and z lines back!


You have to give us more information then.

Maybe View>Axes?

If that doesn’t work, upload the SketchUp file.


Give us a clue, show us a screen shot, upload the model, give us some inkling of what is happening. Fill in your profile fully. Have you just had an update to the OS. Is your graphic card driver up to date. ?


That didn’t work-I’m in way over my head! Can’t figure out how to screenshot, where is my clipboard, how does one upload a SketchUp file?!


Save the SketchUp file and then use the Upload button, 7th from the left in the row above the message window.


Next problem, I’m drawing a rectangle so I can push/pull my imported AutoCAD file and render it, but my rectangle is not a group, I can only click on individual lines of it. Thus no plane for push/pull


You are way in over your head.

The edges don’t need to be in a group in order to use Push/Pull. The edges need to lie on the same plane and form a closed loop so you get a face. Push/Pull works only on faces.


in the tutorial I’m following, when the instructor selects “rectangle,” the pencil icon has words beside that say “endpoint in component,” mine reads “endpoint,” and then at the end of my selection it reads “endpoint in ref-dwg.” After I’ve hit space to end the function when I click on my new rectangle it’s made of individual lines, doesn’t select as a group of four lines.


That’s all well and good, but it’s mixing up a bunch of terminology, none of which is relevant once you understand the tools.
Try just using the tools on a blank model and see how you go to begin with.


The Rectangle tool creates four individual edges. It’s working as it is supposed to.

What tutorial are you following?



From the way you’ve described your problems, I think you need to start with a much more basic tutorial. Start here: https://www.sketchup.com/learn/videos/826


Thanks, I will!


What tutorials do you recommend watching next? I really want to start modelling the autocad dwg i imported


If you’ve gone through all the basics, go ahead and start modeling and putting to use what you’ve learned so far.


@suzy You hit Enter to finish a rectangle dimension in SketchUp, not spacebar. Spacebar gets your select tool.
Some good general resources:

The things you didn’t know to ask but that you will be really glad to know:

For your questions:




Here is an in-depth article about issues and solutions with DWG interoperability with SketchUp:

To learn more about importing DWG files in SketchUp be sure to check out our video on the subject here: http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/86648

We also have a great blog from one of our engineers on importing DWG files: http://www.thomthom.net/thoughts/2012/12/sketchup-dwg-import-guide/