Axis lines have disappeared!


I am hoping someone can help me.

I have sketch up pro, although I am certainly not pro!
I have just logged in to sketch up and the axis lines have disappeared. When I try and draw a rectangle nothing appears, although the size of it registers in the bottom right hand corner.

Thank you for your time


First check that SketchUp is actually using your Nvidia graphics: SketchUp’s Window Menu->Preferences->OpenGL->Graphics Card Details. If it is using integrated Intel HD graphics, use Nvidia’s control panel to specify that SketchUp is always to use that device.

Thank you, although it turns out my windows 10 needed an update which must have been messing with the graphics card. all sorted.

Thank you for looking into it.


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If you browse around the forum, you will notice a veritable flood of issues with Windows 10 pushing updates that break SketchUp’s use of graphics!