Problems with drawing anything!

Hi I have just downloaded Sketchup pro trial version to try before you buy.
I have opened up a simple template for example but the 3 axis and person do not appear, I then try and draw a simple rectangle and nothing again appears? I have installed twice, same problem?

Please help.

Most likely this is due to your graphics card and its drivers. In SketchUp, go to Window>Preferences>OpenGL. Untick the box for Use Fast Feedback and see if you get any change.

Dave you are an effing superhero dude!
Works a treat. Do I loose anything by turning this off?
Many thanks

Aw shucks.


Probably nothing you’ll see. At some point in the future there’s likely going to be another Intel graphics driver update pushed by Microsoft and maybe it will have a fix that allows you to turn it back on. You probably won’t miss anything for now, though.

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Perfect, thanks again, have a great day.