Seriously newbie question

Hi I have just downloaded sketchup about 30 minutes ago, and I am attempting to follow the first videos.

Here’s the thing, I can’t see anything I am drawing!

It seems to think I have drawn sometihing because I am offered the chance to erase rectangle etc, but I can’t actually seeit.

Is it a color of pen, an unhide, or invisible layer issue?

I understand it’s a huge program and it’ll be a while before I can use it properly, but it’d be nice to just make a mark to start with!! Really grateful for any help - feeling a little foolish!

It would help to know what computer operating system you use, and what type of computer you are on (e.g., Wndows 8 Lenovo laptop, or OS X 10.9, MacBook Pro).

It sounds like a deficiency with either your graphics driver and/or graphics card. Test it. In SU go to Window > Preferences > OpenGL and disable hardware acceleration. Restart SU. if the problems go away, try updating your graphics driver in order to resume using hardware acceleration.


Thanks for responding davidheim1 and catamountain, appreciate your help.

Catamountain is on the money, I disabled hardware acceleration, and bingo there was the cartoon person standing at the Origin, I have drawn a cylinder, a rectangle, and cube…heady stuff!. I just assumed I hadn’t understood the program in some way I wouldhave been weeks working that out myself! Fantastic Forum, thanks again catamountain!