Inferencing disabled

Just recently I have found that I’ll be using the Move tool, and when I click on the icon or use the keyboard shortcut, it doesn’t inference to anything (ie the midpoint etc). This then happens on all other tools (tape measure/rectangle etc) until it suddenly reverts back to inferencing again.

Genuine apologies if this is a really obvious question. I just cant get my head around what’s causing it (probably a keyboard thing)

Others have also reported this. One fix seems to be to click outside SketchUp then back in. Makes me think there is a glitch with handling focus.

thats really interesting, maybe there will be a bug fix in the next update. its been driving me mad over the past few weeks!!

I have had this happen, though rarely. Since you are on a Mac, I have found if I command-tab to another open app and command-tab back, it goes away. So I agree it is a lost focus problem. The command-tab thing is pretty fast, and I don’t lose the tool I have invoked in SU.

I wonder if the glitch could be related to some extension.

Can Sketchup extensions create event handlers? Just curious.

Not unless the extension s the active tool, but this glitch is affecting built-in tools. I suppose an observer or overlay could do something while other tools are active, but it’s hard to see how that would cause the inference engine to pause.