Newbie here confused by inferences notes


Hi all,
I understand about RTF and my question seems to not really be searchable. Learning SU thru a book and endless YouTube vides which are awesome. My issue is that I understand inference points and colors but for some reason I never get a dialogue box like " End point" etc

Spent too many hours on my own and hope someone can show me the way.



Oh, running an iMac with 10.7.5


A simple key for dealing with the inferencing engine is to hover over the contact element and allow the tool-tip to appear. It usually only requires a second or so, but you need to keep the mouse relatively still for that small period. What did you mean by “RTF”?


Are you saying you don’t get the text cues for the inferencing? Do you get tool tips when you hover over tool palette icons?

@jvleearchitects, I expect he means RTFM.


Thanks guys
JVL: RTF means “read the forum” and yes I have tried that
Dave: Yes thats what I am saying, I never get text ques regardless of hovering


So, this seems like a new 2017 issue. I get inference tool tips in 2016, but not in 2017. Pointing at any of the tools does show a tool tip. Inferences themselves are working, there’s just no text appearing.


It must involve particular combinations of Mac hardware and OS X. I’m seeing them as normal on my mid-2012 MBPR, macOS 10.12.2. The tooltips for toolbars are a bit sluggish to appear (maybe a bit over a second), but the inference engine markers and text are immediate.


Pretty sure on windows I can turn tooltips on/ off somewhere. Not sure about the option on mac, you would know better than me. @slbaumgartner


I don’t know of any such option on Mac. If somebody does, please enlighten us!