Inference Dot Blocked Out

Hi Folks,

For some reason I no longer can see the color of the tool tip. It’s being blocked by a non-descript white rectangle. as seen in the screen captures below.

Does anyone have an idea why this can happen?.. or recall this being mentioned before?

Tool tip usually refers to the text box that pops up. I guess you mean the inferencing mark. It’s most likely related to the graphics card. Try turning off Hardware Acceleration in Preferences>OpenGL. And see if that has any impact.

Perhaps it’s the new politically correct version where all colours are created equal.


I’m not sure if white would be that correct color :wink:

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did you replace or modify the ‘inference’ images at any point?

you get a ‘blank’ image if they fail to load for any reason…


This happens on my Mac occasionally. I usually quit and restart SketchUp and they come right back.

I have not figured out the logic of when and how it happens.

It might be a symptom of the problems SU still has with high-resolution screens. They fixed the icons in the 2016 release, but things inside the model window are, I understand, not quite there yet.


Yeah, I’m running in low res mode on my Mac. I think I first noticed it when I switched to a retina MacBook Pro.

I’ve seen this happen on my windows 7 computer before. It was version 2015 though. graphics driver update fixed it actually.