NO Inference points?

I don’t get any inference points or lines or references at all, nothing that looks like the youtube demo on using inferences. the video shows mousing over a line and getting a bunch of alignment possibilites popping up but I get nothing, No snap to, no little colored square at the end of the line tool, nothing. Even building a simple box if I don’t really carefully attempt to connect to an existing line it won’t connect. If I mouse over a line I will get a pop up that says end point or midpoint but even clicking the mouse makes the new line miss connecting at the inference point. Should I delete and reload the entire program? It’s done this from day one with pro 16.

Did you install via right-click “Run as administrator” ?

What kind of display do you have ? pixels per inch ?

Are you running with the UI at more than 150x ?

Make sure you are displaying edges:

@ccorey Your graphics card info in your profile is a bit vague:

You can also try some different settings in Window > Preferences> OpenGL