Not seeing any inference when moving or expanding

I am trying again to use sketchup pro 2020 but came upon the same problem I had last time which was a few version ago.
My problem is when I am moving or expanding an object, which I want the face I am expanding or moving, to line up with a face or edge of another object. What I am looking for is a coloured line showing the edges are lined up or have the option to start the move or expansion and then move my mouse to where the edge is I am aiming at and click.
I am guessing I am doing something wrong so can someone give me a prompt to get me moving on please.

Could you share a sample .skp file with the geometry ready to be moved so we can see what you are trying to do?

What do you mean by “expanding”? What tool are you using?

Tutorial1.skp (219.5 KB)
I am using the Push/Pull as the expanding tool.
You can see in the file that some parts of the drawing do not line up.

So you aren’t seeing these inference marks with the Move and Push/Pull tools?



You need to learn what SketchUp’s inference snap markers and tooltips look like. When you start a push-pull or a move and the cursor comes over a “snappable” item on some object, you may see a little marker around a point or see a tooltip saying something like “on edge”, “on face”, etc. These tell you where your operation will snap. In @DaveR’s animation, note where a tooltip says “Endpoint in Group” as he does the pushpull, and “On Edge in Pillar” when he does the move.

Thank you both.
I was not seeing the faint line between the object and the pointer because I had the pointer too close the the edge of the object I was pulling or moving.
Moving the pointer away at a wider angle allowed me to see the faint line and the inference icon.
Is there any way to get the line bolder and the inference icons bigger?