Inference point not showing when trying to move part of the model to another part

I am having trouble moving part of my model to connect with another part. The inference point is not showing up and no ability to snap move in place. Below is the file and a screen shot of where the issue is.
This is a student project in my classroom, any help is appreciated.

bob .skp (807.1 KB)

Is not possible to deform the face without drawing an edge. Try this

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Do you want to move only the point or all the “mobile part” of this helmet?

If this is only the point, you need to press the option key (Mac) to enable Auto Fold.

If it is the “mobile part”, you have to select it all before doing the move. Making a group or a component is not a bad idea. In such case, the part will move up and backward and also sideway so that the mid-point edge will not be aligned with the center of the rest of the helmet.

Also, can you complete your profile? You don’t give the Mac OS number and the make and model of the graphic card. Use Apple Menu → About this Mac.

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This should work, thank you.

I tried that and still no reference point to click to.

I loaded your model and could move the endpoint to the other, using the 2 methods that I described in my previous post.

See this SU file.

bob - JL - 2024-04-29.skp (3.1 MB)

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That is weird, when I try both of those methods on my computer and the student computer and I can grab the point of the triangle with the move tool, but I am not getting an inference green dot to connect it to the upper part.

I was able to get the auto fold to work. Thank you. I may have had a corrupt file. I copied the whole thing and put it in a new file and your method worked. I appreciate your time, thank you.

Just a quick trick: in some instances, especially with a very crowded model, the inference engine might have a hard time finding the endpoint. In such case, try using X-Ray rendering mode. Switch back to previous rendering mode when done.

Remember that you can orbit, pan, zoom, switch mode, switch scene, etc. even in the middle of an operation.

Thanks Jean