Can you turn on/off inference when moving objects precisely?


I noticed I have a problem moving items in precise increments when using the move tool. Here is an example of what I mean. The top object and bottom object are different components. I want to move the top object smoothly down inside the second component. But every time I start going inside the object, the inference engine will stop me from precisely going further into small increments and will “jump” to way past where I want to go.

Is there a way to stop the inference that is doing this or is there another way? I know I may be able to type different measurements to try different lengths of movements but I think the workflow would be better if I can keep that same “smooth” movement with the move tool until I’m satisfied with the placement.

thanks for any input.


Pick the object with the move tool, lock the direction with one of the up,right,left arrow keys and then move the cursor somewhere outside the geometry in the left or right side of your shown view. Or when picking the object, don’t pick it from the actual object pick it somewhere in the air, on the right or left side of your actual picture.


Wow, thank you so much. I’m surprised I didn’t think of simply grabbing the box while “off” of other objects to avoid the problem. I also should have remembered that tip about hitting the up arrow for blue axis.

I think I was lost because I originally thought if you simply hold the shift key to lock on a direction, that nothing should interrupt your direction. But that was not correct.

Thanks again.