The model moves without control

When I try to move model after locking the interface, the model moves without control. How do I avoid that happening.

Can you explain better what you mean? Perhaps give an example?

O.K. how do I explain it. Let’s see. I am building a structure let’s say. I
draw different parts and sort of assemble them together. To do that I use
the move tool, pick up the model and bring it to the main model. When the
part I am moving comes close to the main part, it jumps out of control. It
acts as if two magnets with the same polarity are coming together.

Warm regards.
Vijay kunchum.

i know what he means because I just learned how to fix my error.

To move an object try this…

first select the component or selection, then select move tool, then click somewhere away from the model enough that other objects are not in the way of where your cursor will be. That way, while you are moving object…you are not running into inference engine objects.

If this is not working. You may want to learn how to pick exact placement on object you are moving and then click exactly where you want it. You should watch tutorials on guidelines too. You can move objects along them.

Thank you rick. I will do as you suggest and then let you know if I am still facing the problem. Usually the jump occurs when the selected object is being moved close to another object. But let me try what you suggest.

Reminder: The move tool has more than one mode. You can measure the point you want to move too, pick the point you want to move then type [x,y,z] and the should move entity to point desired.

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