Cannot move or rotate model?

I created a model, but I wanted to move it… Apparently I cannot move it. it only selects a model… Is there a way to fix it?

Probably there’s a fix but I’d only be guessing. Can you share the SKP file so we can see it and give you an answer for sure.

Out of curiosity, when you select the model, is it surrounded by a red bounding box? If so, you locked it. Unlock it by right clicking on it and then on Unlock.

Found it, I didn’t realize about the move tool, I clicked on it and got it to work. Some odd reason, I got mixed up on thinking I could just click on the model to move it. Here’s the model. Odd Stone Base.skp (242.9 KB)

Ah yes. You need to use the Move tool to move the selected entites. I’m glad you told us. I’d have never thought to ask if you were using the Move tool. It’s kind of like asking someone if their TV is plugged in when they say it won’t turn on. :wink:


Cool, thanks. :relaxed::sunglasses: