Moving an object in tiny increments

Was wondering how I can move an object in Sketchup by tiny increments. If let’s say I want two walls to make a corner and line up perfectly, I often just have to get it close because it seems like I can’t move the second wall into place by small increments. The wall seems to jump between two positions, neither of which is exactly in line with the first wall. If I zoom in close, the increments it jumps becomes smaller, but never exact. Thank you.

Grab one wall by the corner that you need to connect to the other corner. Don’t just grab anywhere. Also make sure you have Length Snapping turned off.

Which version of SketchUp are you using? You posted in SketchUp for Web but your profile says you are using SketchUp 2020 Pro.

Dave is there a menu for all the different snap options in 2017 make? If so where - the answer to my q was either yes or no😂

No. I’ve never seen a list of all the different snaps or inferences.

The key with the Move tool is to grab the thing you are moving by the point that has somewhere to go and then move until the cursor snaps to the destination. The analogy I often use with my students is closing a chain gate (a chain strung on hooks between posts). If you want the end link of the chain to go on the hook, you pick the chain up by the end link, not the middle of the chain.

As always, thank you. By the way, do you have a day job or you employed by Timble to answer forum issues? PM me if it’s a sensitive issue

You can have these inferences:

  • Endpoint;
  • Midpoint;
  • On edge;
  • On face;
  • Center;
  • Intersection;
  • Perpendicular;
  • Parallel;
  • On axis.

Also, when moving an object, you can force the direction of the move with one of the arrow keys or with other geometries, like and edge, a guide, etc. And then lock this direction with the SHIFT key and also control the end of the move with an inference from another geometry.

Got that. I was just interested if there was a menu where you could turn off specific snaps as I couldn’t find it in preferences.

No, you cannot turn snaps off. By careful orbit, pan and zoom you usually can snap to what you want.

In a very cluttered model, you can hide geometries that would stand in the way. You can assign tags to some geometries and then hide these to clear the view.

Retired from my old day job. I do some 3D modeling and other stuff for a variety of clients and I do online instruction for people learning to use SketchUp and LayOut. I am not employed by Trimble.

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Dave R, thank you so much!!!

I see that you do online courses and it’s funny cuz I was just wishing that I could have someone watch what I do and tell me better ways to do it.

Anyway, do you have a course schedule?

Thanks again!!!

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Thanks. You do all this stuff for free!! Hats off to you. I really appreciate your insight and in-depth knowledge, not to mention patience with people who jump in at the deep end as I did to start with. I now take the time to go through the training resources to get a solution to a problem I come across but know that when I get stuck I can call upon people like yourself to help me out. Thank you for all you do!

While there isn’t this, there is a way to lock an object to a specific axis during different movements, which is basically toggling off the other axes. It’s a good way to make precise movements with fewer chances of unwanted movement. To do this, you start your move and before finishing, tap an arrow key (right for red, left for green, up for blue).

Yes. Just like the other Sages here, I don’t get paid to participate here on the forum.

Thank you.