Object 'jumps' a meter when I want to move it just a bit

I have a problem that I didn’t have before, don’t know where it comes from.
When I want to move an object I created (like stairs for ex) and I want to move them and place them in the right spot in ‘the house’, I have a problem when I’m almost there: I can not align it to the wall for ex, then when I want to move it just a bit more, like cm’s, it doesn’t react immediately but then jumps a whole meter, when I try to move it back a bit, it jumps right away to the first spot.
I had the same problem when pushing out a shape, couldn’t do it either for just a cm or so, it kept going right away to a meter and back, but there I could fix it by adding the dimensions manually; that doesn’t seem to work for moving an object.
Why is this? It’s making me crazy… :stuck_out_tongue:

There are templates with length snapping actived out there, look at the SU preferences window if this is the case for your model.

Thank you, I found it! :slight_smile:

Just to follow on from Cotty’s post, you can adjust the length snapping in
Window/Model Info/Units
You can change your setting there and then save as a template an it will always open that way.

Posting together it seems.

Okay, nów I got it (thought I resolved it but nope :stuck_out_tongue: ); thank you both!