Moving Object is Jumping to a New Location

Hi everybody :slight_smile:
Whenever I select an object to either EDIT it or MOVE it, there’s a delay in the “action”. For example, when I select an object (within my project ) to MOVE it, there’s a delay before the move happens. I’ll select the object. Click M (shortcut for MOVE), Then (trying to) dragging the object. But…it seems that the object will “jump” to a new location. Then I click on EDIT > UNDO (moving the object back to the original location). Then try it again…usually successful this time… I’m hot sure what can cause this. Gary Stanullwich

Try again after disabling “Length snapping”.
Menu Window > Model Info > Units > disable ‘length snapping’.

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Thanks for your reply. Okay…let me try that.
Gary Stanullwich