When moving an object, it is so difficult to snap to where I want it to be

when moving an object, it is so difficult to snap to where I want it to be.
what settings should I change?

Your settings look fine. Could you give an example of exactly what you’re trying to snap to? A screenshot or .skp model could help.

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You shouldn’t need to change settings. Getting a good snap is mainly a matter of clicking on the right spots in the model. On the object to move, click on the vertex or other point location you want to align. Then move the cursor over to where you want that point to land and click again to finish the move. You can use the various inference locks to restrict what directions the item will move, but you still need to start by clicking on a location relevant to the alignment you seek.

Although length snapping is off you have precision set to 0,0m
This means that moving a selection makes it jump along the moving direction by distances of 0.1m
Set precision to 0.000000m

True during a “free” move, though one can always type in a distance, relative 3D distance, or absolute 3D location that has more digits than displayed.

When there is an inference to snap to, the units display has no effect on the distance the entity will move to the snap.

OP may have been confused by exactly this “free move” placing objects which isn’t clear to me.
You are right that snapping to geometry or intersections or faces by inference and other constrains etc. overrules the jumpy movements.

This would probably be the fastest way to solve the problem. It’s hard to find a solution when neither the SU program nor the people trying to answer your question know what the user is trying to do. There are numerous instances in which snapping might be a problem. Merely toggling to x-ray can help if visible geometry obscures snapping points. Familiarity with the move tool and it’s behavior under various circumstances can be complex when both program and the teacher are limited to “inferences” (assumptions)

Thanks to all your reply.
I finally got it going smoothly now as I have set my precision to more digits. Yesterday was internet connection problem too.

Try this! 1) Click on the Move tool.
2) Hover the cursor over the destination object.
3) Hold down the Shift key.
4) Move the cursor to the object to be moved, and left click once (keep the shift key down)
5) now move the object to the destination, left click to complete the move…
6) release Shift key - you’re done!

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