Sometimes not snapping when moving a point on mesh

Why is it that sometimes Sketchup will not snap to anything when you are moving a point on a mesh?

It is super frustrating. Sometimes it will only snap to another point if you lock it to an axis so if I am moving it to another point I can get it there in three moves (unless it decides to make the plane disappear on the way) but I feel like there should be a way to avoid doing this and what if I want to put it on a line and not a point?

Your description of the problem “jumps all over the place”, making it hard to follow. Can you post some screenshots pointing out exactly what you are trying to do: selecting some chunk of geometry, grabbing it by a vertex, then moving it to … which other vertex?

Moving a point (vertex) in a mesh to a line or another point. Sometimes it snaps to edges or points and sometimes it does not.

Screenshots please. There are multiple situations of moving stuff around. Do you narrow it down to moving just a vertex? Nothing else selected?

Go to Window/model info/Units and turn off length snapping.

Yes. I do not remember having this trouble with more selected.

I am trying this. I need to look into what this option does to start with.

Length snapping tells SU to snap to a specific length, if the vertex or edge is inside that length it won’t snap.

I just found out about pressing ult while moving something. I am not sure what it is doing but it also seems to help show Sketchup you are snapping to something.

Okay I was thinking that was the minimum length in would allow you to enter when I first looked through the options back when. Not sure it is helping yet but I will keep it in mind to experiment with.

(now looking up what alt does while moving something.)

Perhaps you noticed that if you move a vertice that bounds a face, it will stay on the face’s plane. Maybe that is why yours isn’t snapping. It helps to zoom out en orbit around the vertice, otherwise you wouldn’t notice it.

Pressing Alt (windows, cmd for Mac) will ‘Autofold’ the movement of the vertice, you are not tied to the fac’s plane anymore.

It is helpfull if you keep an eye on the left hand bottom (Statusbar) It will give instructions for the next step of the active tool and shows the ‘Modifier keys’

Autofold (Alt and Cmd) helps in moving vertexes --even when the final result does not actually need to fold. It sort of loosens-up the movement. So maybe that’s why snaps work better.