Imported Object Won't Snap to Point

I imported a window from the Warehouse. When I go to move it, I see the Point indicator light up when I place my Move tool on it, but when I go to move the object, the snap-to-point function does not work. I should mention that the other imported objects (doors, for example) do snap-to-point. So does this mean that the window I imported is a bad file?

EDIT: The object was glued to a surface. It’s fixed now.

Yes, but the whole question is how you are going about it.

You must understand the way the snap function works. Objects do not snap to points. The mouse pointer snaps to points when it gets within the radius of their gravitational pull. So to snap a point on an object to another point (thereby moving the object point-to-point), you first snap the mouse pointer to the point on the object, then you snap the mouse pointer to the target point, thus depositing the object with the snap point on the target point.

Now, if that doesn’t clear things up, you must describe what you are doing very specifically if anyone is to figure out the problem. “I went to move it,” tells us nothing about what you did.


Gully, you may not actually be a total di(ck, but you certainly come off as one on paper. Perhaps you should be mindful of how the written word comes across to others when it is devoid of all the nuances of the spoken word.

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If you had actually read my description, you would have learned that I’m moving the object in typical fashion, selecting a point on my object and attempting to align that selected point to a specific point on my existing model.

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Snapping and the “glue to” function are unrelated, so by your own analysis the title of your post was irrelevant. The body of your post, as I mentioned, was not very descriptive of the problem. And you have a big, nasty mouth. Let’s call it a clean sweep.

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Well actually, “Sage”, the title of my post IS relevant, because they ARE related. Because you can’t freely snap an imported object to a desired point on your existing model if the object you intend to move is GLUED to the surface/plane you imported it into. You must first unglue it. Which is exactly what I needed to do in order to remedy the problem.

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