Snapping when Importing Image as image


A simple query tonight…

Am I right in saying that when Importing an image as an image, it is not possible to snap it to other objects.

If I select the image and then move, while I can snap to the corner of the image, when I try and snap that to another object, snapping seems unavailable. Also, locking the movement to one of the axis using the arrow keys does not work.

Just curious really. I’ve done what I need to and placed the images in the correct location by creating a plane in that location, and then deleting afterwards.


Hi Mike,

You should be able to snap an image to an object or something else.


Inferencing and direction locking work for me, too. The cursor keys don’t work to stand the image up like you can do with the Rectangle or Circle tools, though. You have to orbit around or drag the image out between inference points (intersections of edges of guidelines for example.

Thank you @DaveR

It’s works OK when Importing the image. It’s only if I want to move the image afterwards that snapping does not seem to work.


That seems to work fine for me, too.

Mmmmm, I’ll have to play some more tomorrow.

Definitely did not work for me. I was trying to place it on a plane though and not a solid. I’ll have another look tomorrow. I could not even lock the movement to an axis, such as the green one.


When you imported the image with the 'Use as an image" option SketchUp has a special way of performing the placement. If you place the image initially on an existing surface, then to avoid Z-fighting it gets placed a very tiny bit above whatever surface you choose but with the gluing property set to “ON” to keep it on that plane. Whatever surface you originally place it on, SketchUp will attempt to keep it in that plane making inferencing anything not in that plane appear not to work. Right click on the image and choose “unglue” to release this state and allow the image to move anywhere. However once you release the glue to state, you also release the offset SketchUp had applied and will have to deal with Z-fighting.

When first placing the imported image if you place it on it’s own, in blank space the gluing property is not set to ON and you can subsequently move the image anywhere without ungluing.



Thank you @endlessfix

Perfect. That’s exactly what I was experiencing. Useful to know that I can unglue it.

Bit of Background: I’m creating picture frames for a Client with their Artwork in, for rendering in Lumion, as part of an Extension I have designed for them. In front of the image, I’m adding a glass pane, which looks great in Lumion as the reflection is on the glass rather than the image. Works really well. I was importing the image onto a plane, which creates the gluing as you describe above, but I did not realise this. Now that I do, problem solved. Thank you.


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