Any tips when downloading or importing images so that they don't end up in outer space?


Sometimes images land inside my model and I can move to the desired face. Other times they end up so far out that it’s hard to reign them in. Once I find an axis, I can hold Shift to keep it on that axis but that doesn’t always help. I also use Content Extents but that doesn’t always help either. Any tricks? Thanks.


How are you using the images you’re importing? Are you clicking to set the lower left corner and then the upper right?


I don’t think I’ve been consistent each time but basically clicking to “release” from the import or download and then selecting to move it. I usually grab a right or left bottom corner to drag to the face that I want. Works 1/2 the time.


So this is after the image has been imported into SketchUp?

I suggest making sure that there’s something behind where you want to put the image. Also, try moving on axis each time and use existing geometry as a reference for the move. It might seem like extra work but until you gain some proficiency, it’s probably actually less work.

It might be a case of getting to grips with the Move tool a bit more, too.


Not sure what you mean -


When moving an image or any other entities, move parallel to the axes.


ok, I think I do that. Another problem… I imported a 2d image that landed outside my model - a 3d room with 6" walls. I can move it to the top face (the 6" thickness of the wall). But when I try to move it inside the room it disappears. The little red x’s are still visible but not the image. If I move it outside the model it appears again. No clue why this is happening.


Is it gluing to the other surface?


only the exterior walls but it disappears when inside the room


Hmmm… Can you share the SKP? Privately if needed.


I’ll try to recreate a little later…thank you