PNG disappears at different angles

Anybody there , please help me.
Each time I import a PNG to paste on a face of my wall, when I rotate the model at different angles, the image disappears. It only shows up at a selected angle.

Secondly I cannot make it snap onto the face of my wall because it disappears to the back of the wall too therefore I have to leave a few mm gap so that it stays floating parallel to my wall.

How about uploading the SKP file so we can see. It sounds like you are importing the image as a Match Photo but that’s only a guess.

Imported images acts quite weirdly in SketchUp imo. The image isn’t rendered in its actual place but brought slightly forward to the camera, probably to avoid Z-fighting. This means that the image sometimes bleeds through faces. For some reason it is sometimes displayed behind faces. Personally I prefer to explode the imported image and group it to make it behave like a normal face.

Hi Dave and eneroth

I tried the exploding everything including the imported image then grouped them altogether and it seems better now. It does not disappear/hide in any angle I view.

ooops, I spoke too soon…it does still disappear at other angles…

Can you post a screenshot of what happens?

Is this the “Clipping Plane” issue wher part of the model is cut off when you orbit?

YES…mysteriously disappear when I orbit…

hello, the image and a surface seem to be overlaping, and I believe the image is not quite parallel to it. You mind sending your .skp file so we can check ?

Here’s my image.

I don’t know why the one on top does not vanish when I orbit.
The one below vanishes when I orbit.
Both of the images I cannot place on the face of the box otherwise they will be devoured by the box.
I have tried grouping/ungrouping / explode but nothing’s changed.

SAMPLE CLIP.skp (342.3 KB)

that’s because your images are very very close from other planes that belong to your boxes, which results as a display glitch when you orbit. I advise you simply remove the vertical plane of each box and replace it by the image itself, just like I did here,

the reason why the upper image was ok while orbiting, is that it was 36 mm away from plane, the bottom one was only 7mm away

You know you can also use an image as a texture to paint any face ?

SAMPLE CLIP.skp (363.4 KB)

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thanks paul.
I removed the vertical plane of the box and replaced with the image and no more vanishing images…

how do i use an image as a texture?

When you go to the import dialog you get three options, one of which is Import as ‘texture’.

You can also just right click and select Explode and it will become a textured face.

If you like me prefer to import images by dragging them into SketchUp there is no import dialog to make any options in.

you can also paint a surface with any color, then in the material panel, go to edit and tick the “use texture image” and browse your image file

Me again.
I have imported my TEXTURE but I can’t seem to find where to rotate my texture so that it’s not placed sideways.
It’s supposed to be viewed at 1 m height as per my attached.
I want to show it as a translucent sticker on a glass.Import texture.skp (258.2 KB)

You need to apply the texture to a face instead of a group in order to be able to rotate it. Then you can right click on the face, choose Texture>Position. Right click again and choose Rotate>90°.

Actually, if you just explode the group, you’ll find the texture rotates itself. Then you can remake the group if appropriate.
Screenshot - 12_26_2017 , 8_17_07 PM

Got it! Thanks!!

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