Screen Image disappeared

I am working on a design and I started noticing that when rotating the model, the image would become hidden as if behind a wall leaving what appears like a blank screen. When I rotated back to where I was, the image would reappear. Now I have rotated the image behind the screen and cannot find it. I attempted to use the "PREVIOUS SCREEN tool to get back to where I was, but to no avail…HELP!!

It could be clipping, or the camera is messed up. It’s hard to tell without seeing your file.
Can you upload your .skp model here?

Heck, I don’t know. I wouldn’t know how even if I “can”. What is “clipping”?

Check to see if your camera view is perspective or parallel projection. I heard parallel projection causes clipping sometimes.

Clipping is when the computer hides faces (or even parts of them) that are close to the virtual camera you’re looking through when viewing your model in SketchUp or other program that uses OpenGL.

Here’s an example which is just a simple rectangle being clipped in SketchUp parallel projection.

Part of the corner disappears when viewed from certain angles or distances.

OK, I will look at that. I can’t imagine how the perspective would have gotten changed, but I’ll try.

To upload an image or .skp file, click the 7th icon from the left, above where you type your replies:


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We’re just guessing without seeing what you’re seeing.

Oh, yeah, I’ve seen that before and realized that I was too close to my object to see the whole thing. This problem is different.

It is in parallel projection.

Laundry Cabinet.skp (966.3 KB)

Does this work for you?

no. I see a top view only and cannot view any model. weird that the file you posted will open in my 2017 version though even if I can’t see any geometry

Top View ? Humm. Maybe that is the problem. ?

what version SU are you using…your profile says 2018

What you see is what I see…ie, cant view any model.

It is the free version, and I just installed it recently, so I believe that it was still 2017.

Laundry Cabinet.skp (66.3 KB)

Looks to me as if you managed to corrupt the file somehow. I copied the components in the model using Outliner and pasted them into a new file. See if this shows what you are expecting.

I’ve tried to fix it for you.

Edit: changed to 2017 format (oops!)
Laundry Cabinet GM.skp (1.2 MB)

You had a few text objects with undefined coordinates. This wasn’t anything you’ve done wrong, it’s a bug in SketchUp that pops up on the forums every now and then.

The problem texts were all called “Drawer Front”.

he wont open that file in 2017. I am curious how you and dave managed to opened his file though to view any of the 966 kb. Do you use some analytics ruby magic voodoo?

I only selected and copied the components that were listed in Outliner and then pasted them in place in a brand new file. No voodoo or special gymnastics required.

Thanks for spotting that, edited to a file saved as 2017 version now.

I’ve written a script that looks for messed up text objects and camera positions. It tries to fix them if possible. Output from the script:


Laundry Bin # 2
Point: ( --2147483648’, -2147483648’ , --2147483648’)
Vector: (nan, nan, nan)
Found problem text:
Side Leg
Point: ( --2147483648’, --2147483648’ , --2147483648’)
Vector: (nan, nan, nan)
Found problem text:
Drawer Front
Point: ( --2147483648’, --2147483648’, --2147483648’)
Vector: (nan, nan, nan)

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