Grey Screen after saved file

I recently finished an assignment and saved it. All of the sudden, I am unable to see my model and the axis are all gone. All it appears is a grey screen.

Please help me find a solutionj because I need to hand it in soon!

Can you share the .skp file so we can see it? Otherwise we’ll waste time guessing at the fix.

Ive tried uploading it but it wont let me post it. Is there another way to show you?

Probably the file size is too large. Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

does outlook work? I dont have drop box

I mean, one drive.!AoYV94SVMXmskm52sgOrS4ZEOG8w?e=z5nAOE

It might. Or Google Drive. Just make sure it doesn’t require your password to access the file.

You can get a free account with Drop Box.

It’s downloading now.

I have posted the link above

It’s messed up pretty good. I’m trying to fix it. I did purge unused which is something you ought to do periodically.
Screenshot - 3_12_2020 , 3_48_58 PM

oh great… I am still new with sketchup so I am glad that you an help me with it.

Well, I hope I can help. It’s even causing my computer to complain.

I am crossing my fingers hoping for good results lol

It’s looking like some bad/bloated component(s) from the 3D Warehouse.

If you want something to do while you’re waiting, you can try what I’m going. I’m working in Outliner selecting a few components or groups and copying them. Then in a new file I’m hitting Edit>Paste in place.

Also it appears that there are several copies of the same components but placed at a fairly large distance from each other.

One of them I didnt delete yet. I was doing a rough draft and then I copied it over.

probably that is why there are copies of the same component.

Well that would explain some of it, I guess. It’s kind of a mess with furniture floating and some furniture going through other furniture. Hopefully I was able to get it all. Waiting for the file to upload to Drop Box.

You’d somehow messed up your camera. I’ve reset it and haven’t moved any of your objects. I did purge the unused components just to halve the file size.

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The issue was because I didnt purge it periodically or was it something else?