Rookie problems with imported jpeg images disappearing in my render & random surfaces changing color

Hello. I am brand new to rendering. I’m using Twilight Render V2. Whenever I import a jpeg image in the skp model, it disappears when I render it. In this example the pictures in the wall disappear but in other models I made, I used pics of clients’ countertops and flooring to match it in my model and it disappears when I render it as well.
I also have issues with surfaces turning blue. This closet has 5 shelves. Some are the white I colored it and 2 are blue. I clicked on the blue ones and reverse faced it. Didn’t change. I re painted them. Didn’t change.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

What rendering application? Are you importing them as images or as textures? Are the faces correctly oriented in the model?

I’m using Twilight. I’m importing jpeg images and scaling them to size. I’m orienting them on all of the usual axes. In fact the shelves in that pics are just copies of each other.

Are the faces correctly oriented. No back faces exposed?

Why don’t you import the images as textures instead?

You might want to go through the Twilight tutorials here.

I will check it out. Thanks Dave

another tip:

  • if you edit the jpg with the right mouse and instead of texture
    “clearly create texture” then the problem with the missing image should reappear in the rendering.
  • This also applies to the same problem, if the Jpg image is correct in the sketchup, but is crooked in the render image, also solves
    this problem.
  • It is important not to push pictures directly on the wall,
    if the picture has only one area. Always approx. 2mm from the wall.

Thank you so much for the assistance. That was really frustrating.