How to get back the default sketchup material on my faces


Hello folks,

I am having a bit of a strange problem every time I want to make a new model and my imported jpg just ends up sticking to (many of) my walls and floors. I do not want to purge the image away from my SketchUp file altogether to fix this issue since I obviously need the jpg (with all the sections and plans) later in the process to help me finish my model. It is a bit annoying that I have not been able to figure this out on my own so I hope someone out there knows what to do.

video link

NB: I am using su2017 pro on a mac btw.



You have nested groups in groups. Keep entity info open and go down the levels until you 've reached the level of faces and edges. Keep notion of the color in the entity info which displays the color you have applied to the groups(or components).
The color of the ‘underlying’ level determines the color
You can import the .jpg as image , instead of texture, while importing. This way it won’t show up in the color list


You made my day, Mike!

This pesky issue has bothered me for a long time. No chance I would have figured this out on my own.

Thanks from Norway:)


Your name suggests the other side of this globe!


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