How to add textures in Sketchup Web 2020


Just wanted to ask how I can add my own textures in SketchUp free Web 2020 version.


Try Insert from the pancake menu, top left corner. Select an image to insert. Choose to use it as a material/texture, apply it to a face.

Screenshot - 7_12_2020 , 9_32_19 AM

Thanks Dave, it worked!

I have successfully applied my jpg images as materials in SketchUp, then loaded ontoFluidRay for rendering. Though I see some of the sections that I’ve applied the image as materials appear as intended, some parts don’t appear/or still uses my previous material setting (material comes from skp).

I’m not sure if this is something I can correct within Sketchup or it’s a Fluidray issue? Tried re-loading the material and downloaded as a 2017 version in Sketchup but it is still the same.

Let me know if you have some thoughts on this that might help. Thanks again! I have attached some screenshots regarding the issue.

Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 1.21.07 PM|690x495

Make sure the faces are correctly orientated, white face out when viewed in Monochrome. And that the material is applied to the faces and not to components/groups.

Good deal.

As for the places where materials don’t show, likely Box is correct. Check face orientation to make sure blue back faces are on the inside. You’ll want to do that with the Monochrome face style selected. Easiest way to do that is click on the magnifying glass icon and start typing.
Screenshot - 7_13_2020 , 7_01_45 AM