How to add material

I’m using the SketchUp shop (web only).
I want to use my own photo in the material, how can I add it?

Start with a face to apply the image to. Use Insert from the menu top left corner.
Screenshot - 2_18_2021 , 7_38_28 PM

Select the texture.

Screenshot - 2_18_2021 , 7_39_37 PM

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It was very easy to understand with the screenshots.
thank you very much

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What I’m saying has completely no relation to the topic, but using that same method, can I import a Matched Image as well?

Do you mean an image to use as a Matched Photo like this?

If that’s what you mean, no. Not in the web versions.

Yes, Matched Photo like that.
No, that’s sad that Matched Photos don’t work in the Web version.

Although the web version doesn’t have match photo, you can apply a photo like that as a texture, to geometry that is the right dimensions, then position the texture to distort to the shape of each face.