Need help with this tutorial


I am following this tutorial

but I am unable to understand why my rectangles are below my image in tutorial are over pasted image.

can any one help me find my mistake?
Example 2

When you import make sure that you’re importing as a texture, you’re importing it as an image.

I also noticed that you reversed faces like Aaron did on the video, but if you looked well he did it because that tutorial was made in 2019, when he draw a rectangle the faces were reversed, this was changed in 2022, now when you draw a rectangle the faces are well oriented, you must apply textures only to white faces, not the blue ones (in most cases)

yes you are right thanks for the help.

I can’t find combine texture tab when I right click my collection of tiles?

One of your selected materials needs to be a ‘Texture’. Simple colours won’t have the option, for some strange reason.

okay thank you I solved it thanks for helping out