Unable to add texture to objects

I was given some designs for our new pool area and decide to recreate it in sketchup make to play around with different colours and materials. Now when I try to add texture like tiles, it just adds a solid colour. I tried to search the forum for answers and have tried reversing faces and no luck. I wondered if it was a memory issue, but when I created a new picture it worked just fine. I suspect I have tweaked a setting somehow, but I have no idea what. Any ideas?

This is my drawing so far.

Check to see what the Face Style is set to in View>Face Style. Make sure it is set to Shaded with Textures.

Thanks for the response, i have tried that a few times earlier and it didn’t make a difference.

Could you share the SKP file so we can take a look? It’ll be much easier to give you an exact answer than guessing at the various possible reasons.

You can see an image texture used as an underlay…

View in Monochrome mode.
All faces should be off-white, any that are blue-gray are reversed.
Reverse them by selecting and using the context menu item.
Also if the pond [?] is grouped or a component you need to edit it to add materials onto faces [and reverse mis-oriented faces too.
If you add the material to the group/component it will only show on front faces…

Thanks Tig. I will keep trying. I keep trying to reverse faces and can’t seem to get it white. The pool is a group so I did try going into it with not much luck. I will try again when the kids go to bed. In frustration i started again but the other one is still a mystery. It didn’t help that when i started my first one it had been a while since using SU so was a bit of trial and error.