Problem using an image

Brand new DIY SketchUp user. i am laying out a tile floor that will have a mosaic image in the middle of the field. I’m using SketchUp to model different tile sizes and layouts. I have imported an image, as an image, of the mosaic and used Scale to get it to the proper size and assigned to a different layer that the floor layout. When I drag the image over the floor layout it ends up hidden. How do I get the image to lay on top of the floor layout?

Import the image as a texture instead of as an image and apply it to the floor face. Or explode the image you’ve already imported so it becomes a texture.

Hi, I haven’t gotten this to work yet. I have watched tutorials on how to apply a texture to a face but all the tutorials I have seen involve applying a texture to a face in a 3D drawing. That’s not what I want to do. I created a tile layout by drawing a 12" x 24" rectangle, applying a stone texture and making it an object. I then copied the object to layout the tiles to form a 13’x16’ floor. I want to be able to move my imported image of the mosaic around the face of the floor layout and place it anywhere. When I move the image over the floor layout it ends up on the same plane as the layout but not visible. I see a rectangle outline but not the image. How do I get the image to be visible on the tile layout? I will also be playing with images of different border tiles to put around the mosaic so want to be able to display those too.
Is there a way to add a screen capture of my drawing to a post so you can see what I mean?

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