Applying an Imported Image onto a Face

I copied the image of some roofing shingles from the manufacturers website that I wish to apply to my drawing. I followed a couple YouTube videos but they were lacking a bit of information, especially scaling which is where I think I am struggling.

I drew a rectangle, imported the image to it. Used the materials eyedroper to select it, and applied the selected texture to my roof.

But the shingles look a bit too large that what they should be, and I have white seams across the face (the seam was not part of the imported or selected texture to my knowledge.)

But the shingles

I’m unsure of the approach to take to ensure the scale is right or how to apply it to the face without the “seams”? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

You can edit the dimensions of a texture in the Materials window. You should instead import the texture as a texture and set it to the right dimensions from the beginning. Before you do that, however, I would edit the image to get rid of the white border and to make sure it is set to appear seamless.

When I create textures I first draw a rectangle to match the size the texture is to cover. Then I import the image as a texture instead of as an image and apply it to that face. That eliminates the need to explode the image to get it to be a texture and the dimensions are right without editing them afterward.

Thank you Dave. I will try your suggestions. It appears there are different ways to do it.

Yes. There are several different ways to create new materials in SketchUp so you can take your pick. Some require a few more steps than others.