How to Apply Materials to a Wireframe (Newby)



I received a .dxf file of my house from EagleView. The file imported easily into Sketchup, but it remains a wireframe and I (being a complete newby with CAD) can’t figure out how to turn it into a structure to which I can apply textures (e.g. shingles to the roof). FYI, as a test, I created a simple box house with a two-slope roof from scratch, and was able to apply textures to it.

Under “View”, the Face Style is Shaded with textures. I’ve tried changing it to wireframe, saving it, reloading it, changing to Shaded with textures, saving, reloading, and still no ability to paint textures onto the walls or roof.

I would appreciate any advice / direction on how to get the wireframe to accept textures.

And as for where I want to go with this, I am hoping to be able to “paint” the roof shingle by shingle. Being able to apply a different color shingle to each facet of the roof would be a compromise, but my desire is shingle by shingle color control.



You need faces to apply materials to. If the CAD export came in as only edges, there’ll be no faces to get by changing the face style. You may need to trace edges with the Line tool to heal faces. Perhaps at least some of it can be automated with an extension. It would be easier to give you exact direction if we could see the SKP file.


Apparently you don’t have any “faces” in your model. SketchUp edges (or lines) can exist without faces but faces can’t exist without lines, so whenever there is a face, there is also a line (hidden or otherwise is another question). So you need faces. Depending on your model, you can possibly use the Make Face plugin. If you could share the file we could provide more specific help.


Here is the file.

MattHouse.skp (179.3 KB)


Yep. No faces included. You can see the figure near the origin is showing faces so SketchUp would display them if they existed.

I started tracing edges to get face to show you the next step. Open the component for editing before starting to draw.

You may find there are some areas that will need more attention than others.


This is working. Click on an end point, click on the next end point, and it creates a face (I don’t have to trace the entire face!). I have a handful of faces that are resisting, but I believe that is due to incomplete lines, so I will work on cleaning up the remainder.

Many thanks.



Yes. Each time you add an edge, SketchUp tests whether it would complete a face and, if so, creates that face - even if you are retracing an existing edge.


You can try a face generation plugin (e.g. ) and see if you get faster to the desired faces this way (some cleanup will probably be needed).


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