Importing Irregular Image

Hi All. Wondering if you can tell me… how would I Import an image that a square edge.?

This is as far as I got
I"m stuck Thanks in advance.

Could you clarify that? In your screen shot it appears you might have applied the texture to a group or component that has been scaled.

What steps did you follow to insert the image as a texture?

FWIW, the image of the tile in your screen shot isn’t really very good for use as a texture. I hunted it up and imported it as a texture but as you can see, it doesn’t make a seamless texture. You might be able to crop it a bit to make a useful tile but the illumination isn’t even so you’d need to do some work in an image editor to deal with that.

Sorry, That was a terrible explanation… It’s hard to explain through text, however I think you have already started to answer my question. I’m basically trying to import a seamless texture so my edges line up. As you can see, I’m not there… Do I need to download an image from a sketch up site or the warehouse? This is just a screenshot that I edited and pulled into my materials. Because of its hexagon shape i’m finding it difficult.

You might find a texture in the 3D Warehouse but I don’t know what you will find there. A Google image search might turn up a usable image. A simpler or plainer tile would make it easier. You might need to look for an image you can crop to get something that would work.

It might be that supplier has better images available to professional designers.

On occasion I have made my own tile textures in SketchUp. That involves making a simple 2D model of the tiles with texture images applied. Then I export an image, crop as needed and import the image as a texture. Easy and often quicker than finding a suitable image on the internet.


hummmm sounds tricker than I wanted, but do able. I’d like to be able to do mosaic tile ect. Thanks I’ll play around a let you know.

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I was taught a technique in Photoshop for making repeating textures that involved taking the repeating pattern “tile,” shifting the pattern 1/2 a tile in each direction so you see the seams, and then use Photoshop tools to paint out and blend those seams as best as possible, and then shift the pattern back 1/2 a tile to where you started. For use in SketchUp you would then have to save out one tile pattern as jpg or png to import into SU as a texture. For the hexagons, you have to make a tile with fairly precise corners in meaningful places like the centers of four hexagons.

I had a few minutes to make an example for you. I found a white marble texture from SketchUp Texture Club. I used the free low res image for this example. I drew some hexagonal tiles and used offset to create the space for the grout lines. Then I applied the marble texture to the inner faces of the tiles and to make them look sort of random, I changed the position of the texture on each tile.

The tiles that overlap where the edge of the texture will be are copies. So there’s one tile for the corners, and the corresponding left/right and top/bottom tiles are identical. They get cut off to make a regular rectangle.

Edges and Profiles off in the style. Camera to Parallel Projection, standard top view, zoom in on the tiles and export a PNG I exported with transparent background. Then in my image editor, I cropped out the transparent pixels leaving me with the tile image.

I imported that image into SketchUp as a texture making sure it is the right size. There was plenty of marble in the original texture image to make a larger collection of tiles. That would have looked better on the wall. I just limited it for this illustration.

Might sound complex but it took me longer to type this post than it did to create the tile texture.

A cool thing with a method like this is that you can save your original tiles and modify them if needed. If you want to change the color of the grout or you want to add an accent row, you can do that in short order and make another texture.


I wouldn’t use that color, though :slight_smile:


For what? The grout? It glows in the dark so you can see to shower even when the power goes out.


You might wanna check mosa pattern generator:
You can arrange the pattern, tile etc. and download the skm file


Great resrouce @MikeWayzovski Do you know if it has hexagonal grids? I can’t find one. Also fyi here’s the link for the actual generator site:


They might not have it in their collection, or it is to difficult.:slight_smile: They used to have a featured catalog in the 3D Warehouse

This is bloody genius @DaveR

I will be using this method, as I do sometimes struggle finding the texture I want.




Thank you Mike. FWIW, I often find that I can manage with simple colors instead of textures.

Yeah, I do mostly, but every now and then I get an awkward one, (read that as ‘awkward Client’), where I need to show tiles as close as possible to what they want.



The has a lot of excellent textures by category, including a multitude of tile textures. If the color isn’t what you want, you can manipulate the once you bring the texture into a drawing.

The sketchuptextureclub even has a section just for hexagonal tiles. One of them is very much like the one you were trying to create. It’s called “Carrara marble hexagonal seamless texture.

watch this video

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