Creating Custom Materials


Is there an easy way to create materials? I tried taking a picture of the outside of my house and paint it on… but it turns out very blocky? Can anyone help?

Or should I not bother and is there a site where I can download a ton of materials…




Who knows how you did that? Who knows what “blocky” means?

Seriously, Angus, the only information anyone here has to go on is what you tell us.

If you tell us exactly what you did, what you were expecting, and what actually happened, perhaps someone will have a chance of helping you.

As for a site where you “can download a ton of materials…”, what is it you’re looking for? I seriously doubt there’s a ton of pictures of the outside of your house; however, if you open up the criteria a bit, there are millions of candidates.



Thanks Gillian.

What I meant by blocky was making it seamless. When I take a picture of the outside of my house and try and paint it on… it does not appear seamless and instead blocky. Hope that makes sense. I was looking for a way of making it seamless.

On the similar topic - can anyone recommend a good side for materials pictures.


There are two general cases where you would use an image-based texture: In one case the image corresponds to an entire face of the model. This is where you would logically use a photograph of your house–you would just size and stretch the image to just fit once across an entire face or elevation. There would be no repeating.

In the second case the image constitutes a tile–a texture that is usually much smaller than the face you’re painting with it. It is intended and specifically designed to repeat to fill the face with no obvious seams. This is not the situation where you’d want to use a picture of the side of your house–if you let the entire photo–which is not a seamless tiling image–simply repeat, I guess “blocky” would be one way to describe the result.

There is a certain craft and technique to making seamless textures, so you should probably have a fair idea of what you’re doing before jumping in, or your textures will probably not be convincing (that may be sugar-coating it).

If you do a Google search on “seamless tiling textures” you will find both web sites offering them for download and those offering to teach you how to make them with PhotoShop or the like.

-Gully (Gillian)