Creating material model in SketchUp

I am trying to create a model of materials and I am having issues with the way that the materials appear within the model. The materials are solid colors. When I apply a material to the rectangle half of it appears normal and then at the top or bottom of the rectangle it looks like there is a dark line. I have tried positioning the texture and scaling it but nothing seems to fix the issue.

I’ve attached the file so you can see what I am referring to.

IG 2.skp (51.2 KB)

The textures aren’t consistent in color, value, etc. across their height and the face is larger than the texture image so you are seeing tiling.

If you edit the material dimension so it fills the face the problem won’t be apparent in the samples but it will still be there when the material is applied to a larger surface. If you don’t want the material to tile like that, you need to make it seamless.

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How can I make it seamless?

That’s something you would do in your image editor not in SketchUp. You can do a Google search for making seamless patterns for your image editor.