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I am working on a landscape project, and have painted on what is called a Belgard retaining wall texture. On my model, I have created a capstone, but if I paint this on the the 3" capstone, it does not fit, or look right, especially if one looks at the top view. I can just use a color from the paint category, but I do not care for that. Is there a way, to created a paint texture, by somehow capturing a small section of a retaining wall block, so there are no seams or individual units. I may not be wording this right, but I am just looking for more of a solid rock texture for my cap stone.

If you can get a photo of the texture you want, you can indeed import it into SketchUp to use as a material. That can be a photo you’ve taken or you might find an image online that you can use. There are numerous sites that offer texture images and you might find something useful from one of them.

I did a search for stone texture and found a site with a variety of free textures. Here’s a quick example using one of them for the cap.

My preferred method is to use File>Import to import the image as a texture and apply it to a face that I’ve drawn to be the right size for the material. After that I can apply it to the faces in the components I’m painting just as I would any other material.

See this section of knowledge base for how to re-position textures to potentially hide joints or align material in a way that achieves the look you’re after: Adding Colors and Textures with Materials | SketchUp Help

I actually work for a retaining wall company and have been creating SketchUp extensions for my company. A lot of my work has been dealing with textures. I’ve found that a good way to create a cap texture is to crop a .jpg of your wall texture down to a single block wide including the seams on the side of the blocks and the height to 3 in. Then save this cropped .jpg and import it into your SketchUp model as a texture to save as a material. Then you should just be able to apply this material to your cap and it should look nice.

If you are worried about the texture on curves or the top of caps it can get confusing, but there are ways to approach those situations. Let me know if you need help with this.

@treeguyster This is what doing what I mentioned above will give you for the cap material:

Also note that the running bond of the cap can be adjusted. I think this is what you’re asking about so let me know if you have any questions.

There are these types of texture available on various texture sites, many free, but if you have your own photos and a copy of photoshop, you can make your own seamless textures using the “offset filter”


or this online version:

came across this recently, has other applications too but this shows its use specifically on capstones.

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