Trying to download Textures from, when I find the texture I need I click on the “Download” tab and it keeps bringing me to their Facebook page… not a Download page. Any suggestions?

#2 is a dummy page, owned by and offered for sale.

If a download link from an image sends you someplace weird, download instead by right-clicking the image and hitting Save image as…



Thanks, I tried this and it saves the whole block of texture samples not just the one I need…
do you know where I can find Sheet metal Texture? It is for the exterior of my building and sheets running horizontal. I need something that the lines are not to predominate. If the lines are to strong it gets black when zooming out. I’ve looked in the 3D warehouse and cannot find what I need …thanks.


There are a whole bunch of resources throughout the internet. You can start your hunt with this material/texture listing on the SU Sage.


Yes I see but how do I import the material/texture I need after I find it into Sketchup??

Looks like this is for material purchase…


An image-file on its own is not a SketchUp material.
To use an image-file…
Make a new Material in the SketchUp Material Browser [the exact steps vary between PC and MAC].
Edit it and add a reference to a texture image-file.
Change the W/H of the texture etc as desired.

The material is saved inside the current model.
To save any SketchUp material ‘externally’ [as a SKM file], use the options in the browser to save it into an accessible materials folder…

You can then use that SKM in any new model…


The whole point of using a texture is not to use geometry (lines). The texture itself should provide whatever regular lines are internal to the textured area. As you have observed, closely spaced edges (lines) tend to bleed together as you zoom back.

If you could show us a photograph of some object with the kind of texture you want, we could give you specific advise on how to get there.



I am trying to upload samples but they are all to big to upload!
Its a Ash Gray Metal siding like sheet metal for roofing. But it runs Horizontal instead of vertical on the exterior walls of a building.


Like this!! but Ash Gray and horizontal.


Did you try just doing a google image search for a gray metal siding texture? The orientation isn’t important because you can rotate it either in an image editor before importing it as a material or you can rotate it once you apply it to a face in SketchUp.

I took the first one I came across which was hosted on DeviantArt and used it. The image was originally shown vertical but it is simple enough to rotate it once it’s in SketchUp.
Screenshot - 11_12_2015 , 4_38_07 PM


That’s a good one. I was able to import some. Now i am trying to zoom the texture larger as the Siding lines are to close together after importing it.


Do you know how large of an area the texture image is supposed to cover? If you know the distance between lines you should be able to figure out out the overall size. Make a face that size and import the material to apply to it. I do a similar thing when I create woodgrain textures which I’ve explained here.


Its a building 82’w x 22’ x 28 Tall.


I’m not talking about the overall size of the building. I asked about the size of the area covered by the image of the siding.


When looking for images online, there are so many you can ignore the ones that cost money and just move on to the next site. And there are lots of other links related to manipulating the images you import on that Sage site too.

The way I like to bring in new images to be used as textures is to first open SketchUp. Then open your browser on top of SU, be sure it’s a smaller window. When you find an image that SU supports (like JPG and PNG), select the image in the browser window and drag it into the SU workspace.

To convert that imported image into a material, r-click on the image in the SU workspace and choose Explode. You can now sample the material and paint it on other things. And it shows up in your SU Materials browser as a texture used by your current file.


82’ x 28’ = 2,296 square feet?

Sorry I think this is what you are asking…?


So the photograph of the metal siding you’re using was made of an area 82’ by 28’? If that’s right, make a rectangle that is 82’ long and apply the image to it as I described in the link I provided above.


if you need sheet metal profiles the entire Lysaght COLORBOND steel collection is available for free as SU materials…



Hmmm… I’m not sure what the photograph of the material was made of an area 82 x 28. The are I need to cover with the photo of the texture is 82 x 28


My model is in the warehouse “International Truck Building”