Need a texture from SketchUp Texture Club please

Hello SketchUp community,
I’m modeling a piece of furniture and need a specific texture for it. I’ve been looking for it, but didn’t find the right one. The only one is on SketchUp Texture Club and it requires premium membership, what I don’t have. Is there someone with membership, that can help me please? I need just a single texture.

If someone was willing to help me, there is the texture: Light blue stained wood texture seamless 20588

I’ll be so, soooo glad.
Thank you so much.

So you are asking someone who is a member of that club to violate the terms of use. Even if you just need one texture, that’s a violation of the Terms of Use, which you can easily read for yourself on the site. Also, if you read in their “How it Works” section, you can sign up for a free membership and have access to the small and medium sized texture images.

Uhh, sorry. Didn’t knew that, my fault. I’m using SUTC just for a while and this is first texture that I need and it requires premium, so I was a little bit confused. So never mind and thanks for info.

You should read the Terms of Use before you continue there. You should have read them before signing up so you knew what you were signing up for.

Yeah, as I said, my fault. Gonna read then right now.

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