Finding a Great Forum for Texture-finding Discussions?

I’m constantly on the hunt for specific textures and materials but I’m having a hard time finding a good forum where folks talk about these things.

Has anyone found a good spot where perhaps interior designers and architects trade tips on finding materials/textures?

You can do a search in the forum to find similar questions. This for example:

In addition to sites dedicated to providing textures, it’s worth knowing that if you see a model in 3D Warehouse, that has used a texture that you like, you can download the texture itself without having to download the model.

Can you give some examples of materials that you’re trying to find at the moment?

Okay… feeling stupid. How do you down load just the texture?

Picking something at random (was the first model that showed up), go to this page, then click on where it says Materials on the right side of the page:

AAA Sunstone

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Here’s an example of a table top (spalted sugarberry is the name of the material) that I’ve been searching for something close to forever. I’ve gone through all the usual suspects (Poliigon, HD Texture Club, et al) but nothing even close.

Thanks! Learn something new everyday.

There is one complication. If you download the file it’s an SKM, and you’re faced with having to get that into your material collection. If you do the same steps inside SketchUp, the material is loaded into the current model.

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For wood grain textures I just make my own from photos of actual full length boards. Usually I use images from between three and eight boards from the same log.

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I am almost certain that the image used in the render you posted was taken from this webpage:

Found with keyword “spalted sugarberry” with Google Image Search. The search found other usable photos too.

I thought the picture was a photograph, not a render! They may have used this image, but I wonder what the usage rights are.

Dave’s way of adapting one of his own photographs ought not to have the same usage issues.

Yep, it’s from the vendor Room + Board. I’m trying to recreate this same texture for an office I’m doing and obviously won’t find exactly this, but was hoping some texture experts could find a comparable texture that might do.

More so I was just trying to find where “Texture Nerds” hangout :wink: