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I am looking for more textures than what comes in paint with sketchup 14 pro. I have found as a site which appears to have many different types of texture. Can someone guide me through all of the steps from downloading when you hit download, I am not sure even if it downloaded, or where it went, and than the next steps as to how to save these libraries in the paint section. Thank you. If anyone has any other sites for textures, I would appreciate it. I am a landscape designer, and also looking for hardscape and architectural textures.

On the first page of the website, just above the thumbnail collection, click on the red “click here to download”. This opens another, larger thumbnail collection. Click on the texture you want and it opens an even larger thumbnail of that particular texture. Right click on the image, click on “save picture as”, navigate to your folder, then click on “save”. The texture is saved and ready to import into your model.

Another site I use all the time is:
Hope this helps

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You can get SketchUp’s bonus materials in 3D Warehouse. Open the site from within SketchUp. When you import the models to your model, the materials are also added to the Materials Browser (you can delete the imported models then).

To permanently store materials from your model has materials in your library, open the second pane of the materials browser (black-white button) and drag and drop them from the upper to the lower pane.

For the materials from (the site appears to be unavailable?), it depends on what format the downloaded files are. You can find your downloade files where your browser stores downloads. You can find out where your browser stores downloads by checking your browser’s preferences. By default it is often a “Downloads” folder in your home/user directory.

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Materials and Textures — SketchUp Sage Site > Resources

How do I Make Material and Component Collections — SketchUp Sage Site



Hi Paul,

Thank you for your response. So, I have clicked on the red, and see the larger icons, and than select the one I want. This is where I get confused. I have saved it as a jpg on my desktop for now, and now sure if I should have even renamed it, for instance, in my case, I just renamed it stone1.jpg, and there it is sitting on my desktop for now. You mentioned saving it in my folder, and I am not sure what folder. What I would like to do, it import it into the stone libarary of the paint bucket, so I can use it in my present drawing, or any future sketchup models. Sorry I am confused. I know therre is a right arrow that says about adding to a collection, but I just have not had success with these textures. Thanks again.

Hi Treeguyster,

In the paint bucket menu scroll down to the left click on colour and click on add new texture a dialogue box opens go to where you save the texture ( I have a folder named texture) this makes it dead easy to find click on the new texture and hey presto. to edit the texture size double click the texture and a new box opens use the symbol to click on the texture on your model then edit the size in the modify texture box.
Jobs a good one