Need to create custom tiles

Hi. I create custom kitchens and I need to know how to create custom tiles for kitchen back-splash. Any help would be much appreciated. Also, here is an example of something i would like to create. Thanks!


I posted this awhile back. You could do the same basic thing if you can’t find an existing pattern to match.

There’s also a link to the Mosa tile generator which might work in your case.

If you have a decent picture of the tile (manufacturers of ceramic tiles usually have them on their website) just draw a few joints in the picture and you have a tile, you can do this using paint, photoshop etc. if you draw a cross in it with a certain with, for example 4 pixels (depending on the size of the image) and an outline of 2 pixels then you’re ready to use it as a texture having made 4 tiles out of a picture of 1 tile.

Awesome thank you!

Okay, so if I do that can I make it a texture so that I can just paint it on to a wall? Thanks!

FWIW, unless the tile is very plain (one flat color, for example), you can generally make a better tile texture yourself compared to using a sample image from the manufacturer because they won’t give you a very large area so repetition will be more noticeable. I made the one I showed in that thread only as an example but I could have gotten a lot more tiles out of that single marble texture I started from.

Example of what i make and use:

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