Creating a repeating tile pattern for backsplashes

Hello everyone!

I found a great tutorial by Tammy Cody on YouTube to create a repeating tile pattern. However, I realized that she is using Sketchup for Interior Decorating and I am using Sketchup Pro.
I tried to recreate what she did and it worked…sort of. I can’t repeat the tile block like she did and when I try to scale it, it distorts whereas hers didn’t.

Is there an extension that I can download that can help me create tile patterns specifically for backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms. My husband and I are opening a cabinet shop and I am trying to master this last step.

I will be grateful for any help that anyone can give.
Thank you!

Have you checked this Create a seamless tiling texture in SketchUp - Skill Builder

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That’s not a SketchUp version, I think that’s just the name of her YouTube channel. Do you have a link for which video? I skimmed an interesting one where she does all the texture creation within SketchUp which is interesting new territory to me. I recently made tile patterns, but as a photographer, my pathway was to do it in Photoshop.

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Create a repeating tile texture in SketchUp

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That’s pretty cool. I wasn’t familiar with turning geometry into a texture like that.

For tiles with more texture or pattern, you need a photo to work with.

I started with a photo of one sample like this:

(to the right is something calles a WhiBal card which is tested neutral gray card which works with the eye dropper tool in Lightroom or Photoshop to set the color balance correctly and consistently)

In Photoshop I crop to just one tile, then make allowance for grout as she describes and use a background layer to provide the grout color.

In this case, we need a group of 4 tiles, so that was done in Photoshop:

I export that as a PNG at reduced resolution for import as a texture into SketchUp. In SU I draw a square the correct dimension for one pattern repeat and import the PNG scaling it to fit the square

20230302 Import Tile 1-720p v1

From there it’s an In Model texture scaled correctly and ready for use.

No I haven’t but thank you, I will definitely check that out!

Here’s the link to the video: Create a repeating tile texture in SketchUp - YouTube

Listening to it again, I am now wondering if she is doing it in Sketchup…

You can certainly model the tile pattern in SketchUp. I did that for this example. There are initially three tile components for this, shown on the left. I arranged the tile components as in the middle, exported an image from SketchUp and used that image to create the texture shown to the right. The reference image is above the rest. It is slightly distorted and of rather low resolution.

Thank you all for all of your help - I will try again to make my backsplash using the info from all of you.