Tiles with an elaborate pattern

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This is my first attempt to add complicated tiles to a floor plan. These tiles have an elaborate pattern and a contrasting boarder that runs along the edge.

I know the size of each tile that makes up the pattern and I re-created it in SketchUp, but then I did not know how to turn it into texture. What I ended up with was quite messy.

I am attaching images of the tiles from the manufacturer’s website which I am trying to re-create.

Do you think SketchUp is able to do this?

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It is possible to do this in SketchUp. You could use the image from the manufacturer’s site as a texture image. I have, on occasion drawn the tile pattern in SketchUp, exported an image and then used that to create a texture. That’s handy when you want to use different colors.

Here’s an example for the field tiles. I drew the tiles using squares and rectangles. I used a color sampling app to find the RGB colors from the manufacturer’s web site. Then I exported a .png image of the tile and cropped it in an image editor. Then I imported that image into SketchUp as a texture, the larger area on the right. You would do a similar thing for the border tiles but as a separate texture.

My grout lines in this example are wider than shown on the website.

Thanks Dave, I think I am getting there, managed to find a video tutorial how to turn it into texture and it has helped :-).

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Dave - How did you manage to apply grouting? Is there a way you could record your steps and share them with me please?

I don’t have time to record a video showing how but I just drew rectangles to the specfied sizes of the tiles. Then I used offset to create a border half the width of the grout lines. Each tile is a component so I can arrange them in whatever pattern I’d want. After I laid out the pattern I exploded the components and erased the seam lines between them. I turned off Edges in the style and zoomed extents before exporting the PNG.

Hi Dave, thanks very much, I learnt something new from you. I never thought I would be able to make tiling like this and here is my result. Really happy :slight_smile:


That looks great! Good job.

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