Downloaded tile seamless picture - struggling to apply to floor

HI, I downloaded this terracotta tile image from Google. I’m struggling to apply it to my floor (where floor is currently blue) - do I need to look in “materials” and paint bucket it? Is there a easier way to find materials downloaded as I cannot find it if I keep scrolling in “in model” materials? I just want this pattern laid down in the kitchen. Please help :slight_smile:

First you should reverse the blue faces of your floor so the front faces are up. Then, did you import that tile image into SketchUp as a texture? Or is it still an image? If it’s a texture you could get the Paint Bucket tool, Hold Alt and sample the image, release Alt and paint it onto the floor.

If you have so many In Model textures that you can’t find this one, maybe you need to purge unused textures. Go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click on the Purge Unused button.

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Thank you. Why is it that when I import an image as texture, sometimes it doesn’t let me place it in the model and there is a little circle with a line through it next to the texture?

If you import it as a texture you need to have a face to apply it to. When I import images for textures I first draw a rectangle to match the size of the area the texture needs to cover. Then import the image and apply it to that rectangle. This results in the texture being the right size from the start.

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