Material imports

Hi, I am tying t import a custom wall feature from an image. However, the pattern repeats and looks awful. How do I make this look real?

I pressed impo, changed to texture but it loks awful, am I missing something? Same issue with the flooring.

If the texture image covers an area smaller than the face you apply it to, it must necessarily repeat. If it’s appropriate for the texture, you could change the size of it to make it as large or larger than the face it’s applied to. Edit the dimensions in the Materials panel.

What is the wood supposed to look like?

You can download tiles that repeat perfectly, or you can adjust the image to repeat perfectly. If you could upload your original texture I could try to make it repeat better.

an internet search " seamless wood texture black’ turns up a lot of options, many free if you’re not set on the one you have?. There are some ways to get seamless patterns in photoshop using the offset filter and there are some techniques for evening out the tone to minimize/equalize the tone -

Also, not that this is a great example, but the gif shows how you can always modify colors/hue etc of existing SU textures in the materials editor.